The world is changing, accellerating in speed and level of positive energy since March 25, 2012 / 03.00hrs. local time

About what life once used to be for my and my three twinsoul-girlfriends, in our common first life on Earth when we were the first human beings on Earth. At the beginning of times Peggy and me, lived seperated from eachother, she in Israel, me somewhere else on Earth. Suddenly we met eachother, and we lived over here at the same location I now live in. We had two daughters, now called Flor and Sabrina, my two other twinsouls and girlfriends… This video is a trailer from the classical movie The Blue Lagoon, the most beautiful movie I’ve ever seen in my life, about unconditional love. I found the movietrailers on a dvd video, and called this video above Return to Natural Love, for everyone in the New Time…


Amstelveen (NL), March 30, 2012 >>

Even more and more molecules of excisting negative energy, originally created by the Force of the really excisting Devil and his following Demons, are becoming neutralized, simply dissapear, including the Devil himself, and also his creation of the modern Christian Beleive System, which caused all the trouble and suffering of al Human and Animal beings here on Earth during the last about 2000 years. This process of Healing will be completed in next December 2012. Then all people on Earth will experience the feeling of the Fifth Dimension of Cosmic Reality and consciousness…

Some time after the healing process on Earth has been completed, also the Universe outside our Planet Earth finally will become healthy again, because also over there, there do not excist any molecules of negative energy anymore. For example, if there doesn’t excist any negative loaded energy anymore in the Universe, at first there will (just like it used to be a very long time ago) become oxigen again in the Universe, so you will be able to breath again outside the Earth. Not only our own Sun will burn forever (it is impossible the Sun will ever die, I can promise you that also!), that also will become reality for the other excisting Suns and solar sytems in Universe. But also the excisting energetic wall of negative energy around the Universe will finally also become neutralized, so after that Universe is no longer ending anymore. After that there will be born even more and more new stars and solar systems and new planets,  everywhere in Universe. The Universe will expand and expand further more and more, a process which also is Endless in time. Just like in the very early days of Peggy, Flor, Sabrina and myself, it will also be possible to travel in space for everyone, by energy. You will, for example, be there immediately, after choosing to go to Venus or Mars. It is just something in your brains, an invisible switch you can push on mentally, and if you want to return to Earth again, you just do the same… It will ‘cost’ no time. Why? It is easy. Time doesn’t really excist! It only excist in your imagination… In the early days of me and my three Twinsouls, on every planet in Universe there was Life, vegetarian, Animal forms of life and Human Beings.  And so I can go on and on and on forever…

But, thinking of our own Earth, for now, there is only one very very hopefull thing I want to tell you. Here on Earth there will be no more negative loaded energy anymore, nowhere on Earth. That also means, your body and brains, including everything within it, al your cells (it also counts for Animals of course and other forms of life on Earth) of your body, can not being damaged anymore, because there is no negative energy anymore. It means, your body will not Die anymore. People will never die anymore. You will live forever, an Eternal Life. And all excisting mentally and pshysical  sick, ill people, will become healty again, because there will only excist positive energy. I know all of these and countless more other positive things will happen , will take place in future. To tell you when al this will happen in future, it is necessary for me to study Astrology again, just in my early days together with Peggy. Originally the first excising science on Earth, the Astrology, was only created to know at what time happenings took place in the past en when things will become reality in future… My father, also in the early days, teached me how to measure time. Without his help, discovering Astrology would be impossible.

Originally there didn’t excist any astrology “signs”, we now know. Also these “signs” were created by the Devil, to seperate groups of people and animals from eachother, by telling astrologists (in the last about 2000 years) these signs were needed to describe the different characters of people. That was a Lie, an illusion, because originally there only excists one type of character of all people together, as we were all One at earlier days. That common and natural kind of character is now called “Pisces” in modern Astrology… You can say now, all people are “Pisces”. And also in future everyone will have the same kind of character again, as we will become al One again this year 2012.

And to complete the first edition of this story, there is one important thing  I would like to say to you all:  There doesn’t excist any Christian “God”, that is one of the many illusions some people still beleive in. And besides, the really God isn’t a man, but a woman, a mother-God. And even I haven’t seen her for about two years now, I do still love her soo much! Ít’s a lovely Jewish girl named Peggy. She comes from Israel, and in our present lifetime I met her at first at October 9 of the year 2009, not in Israel, but over here, somewhere in the Netherlands, Western Europe, the country I was born in. I hope to reunite again with her in future, in the physical,  just like with my other two girlfriends Flor and Sabrina.

Monogamy has also been a creation of the Devil himself, an illusion in which many people still beleive in. But soon al our common problems on Earth….will no longer excist anymore, as we are now becoming One at December 21 this year, 2012. After that also…an Eternal Life for every human being, and animal on Earth… No one is gonna die anymore in future, that’s for sure…

Soon I hope to finish the production of my latest video about the forthcoming reunion in the physical with my three twinsoul-girls. You can watch this video in near future on my videochannel on the internet, at the adress:


xxx Boudewijn de Kat

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