This will be a sunny day, for everyone…

Good morning! Soon I will also meet one of my brothers. He lives nearby, at the Eastern Hemisphere number 319 in Amstelveen, the Netherlands.
I’m also going to visit Johan Venhorst in Hilversum, the Netherlands. He is also one of my fathers. Some nice things to "buy". I agreed with him yesterday that I would call him this morning. I also saw another nice transceiver in his shop …
Listen AM 1440 kHz, and later also FM 105.7 mHz with a high output power of only 1 Watt, 2 Watt ERP.
I am also working on a new album by one of my brothers. It’s called Love. A composition of his songs, which he has made so far. His name is Gareth Icke, Eastern Hemisphere 319 in Amstelveen, Holland. I stood with him at the front door of his house yesterday, and could see his head, ON ITS HEAD!
Gareth is also the neighbor of Floor Lambrechts, Eastern Hemisphere 317, Amstelveen, The Netherlands. I also stopped at her door yesterday ..
My own name is Boudewijn de Kat-Icke-Van den Boogaerde … Founder of the organization "Het Hijgend Hert, het Hijgend Schaap" …
And Hans, owner of Auto Berkelaar in Amstelveen, can I finally pick up that beautiful Red Suzuki Swift today? Or tomorrow?
Love you all …

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